The Point Pleasant Beach School District is one of the oldest and finest at the Shore. Our school is rich in history and tradition. In addition to serving the students of Point Pleasant Beach and Mantoloking the district serves the high school age students of Bay Head and Lavallette. We also have a small population of private tuition students that are given the opportunity to attend our schools.

The focus of our staff at the "Beach" is to prepare our students for success in life, future education and careers through opulent educational experiences aligned with 21st century learning outcomes. The curriculum is designed to meet and in many cases exceed the New Jersey State core curriculum content standards. Teaching methodologies and pedagogy is geared toward meeting the educational needs of individuals so that each student can reach their academic potential. Graduates are prepared to make a smooth transition into college, a vocational program, the armed forces, or the work force. Beach graduates continue to achieve and succeed in their chosen pursuits and many remain close to the school through alumni activities.

In addition to rigorous academics, the Point Pleasant Beach School District provides students with an abundance of extra curricular opportunities. Regardless of ability level, interest, or age all are encouraged and expected to accept challenges and to become involved in the many programs offered by the school district. Our extra-curricular participation levels are high and despite our smaller size we are extremely proud of the variety of offerings we provide our students. The result is a well-rounded student.

Point Pleasant Beach Schools also enjoy the support of a community committed to the education of its children. The school district is fortunate to have the backing of a variety of support groups, which include the G. Harold Antrim PTO, the Point Pleasant Beach High School PTO, the Booster Association, the Music Parents Association, and the Point Pleasant Beach Public Education Foundation. All support groups work hard to provide additional revenue to support the school district's mission.

Strong academics, an abundance of extra-curricular programs and positive stakeholder involvement are the elements that contribute to the success of the Point Pleasant Beach School District. The school report card provides quantitative evidence of the district's success. The State's computers upon a wide range of input sources generate the school report card data. We believe it is largely correct and provides a fairly accurate depiction of the success of our schools. We do encourage and hope that parents and community members will feel free to ask questions and visit our schools. Please call our Principals or me for an appointment. Also feel free to visit our Website at www.ptbeach.com.