Report Card Narrative - September 2015

High Point Regional High School is a comprehensive high school serving the diversified needs of the three surrounding K through 8 school districts of Lafayette, Frankford, Montague, and Sussex-Wantage. We are noted for a curriculum offering that is marked by a rich, comprehensive and diverse educational experience. Our learning community is staffed by an outstanding blend of professionals, who are truly committed to the betterment of our students and their educational endeavors throughout the high school experience.

Our student body of approximately 1012 students in grades 9 through 12 can choose from a multitude of educational opportunities. The curriculum offers a variety of Advanced Placement, Honors, and college preparatory courses that enable our students to compete for admissions into many of the most selective colleges in the nation. Our Valedictorian, from the class of 2015, is attending Harvard University. Our curriculum is supplemented by a wide variety of on-line, independent study, concurrent enrollment college offerings, and vocational and career opportunities. Our commitment to developing a competent and knowledgeable global citizen is evident in the curriculum and a variety of student activities and athletic programs. We are tremendously proud of our student achievement records in which close to 50% achieve a high honor roll/honor roll status throughout the entire school year. We are also confident in our ability to provide a well-rounded education to our students directly entering the workforce or entering military service each year.

We actively support the individual development of self-initiative and high aspirations in every facet of student life. Leadership is developed through every aspect of the educational, athletic, and student activities experiences. The student council association typically has a core of senior representatives selected for state office. Their leadership and positive involvement in student life produces a learning community that permeates into every aspect of the high school's community and achievement. Our theater arts and choral groups have achieved success and recognition at the national level. Our Technology Student Association (TSA) also routinely competes at the state and national level, making it one of the most successful chapters in the state. Our Science Research Club gives the students the ability to analyze DNA sequencing and prepare them for publication into the National Centers of Biotechnology Information Database. Girls basketball and boys cross country were League Champions in 2014-15. 2011 Graduate, Nick Boyle, was drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens in the 5th round. Building a respectful, yet competitive athlete has led to a number of leadership awards highlighting academics, sportsmanship, and on the field or court successes.

The relationship of High Point Regional High School and our local community is critical to the success of our students. We communicate regularly with our parents and community by offering parents access to their student's academic and attendance information via the parent portal of our web-based student management system. We also offer evening workshops on academic and college planning, 9th grade parent night, Financial Aid, graduation activities, and senior parent night, among other topics. Parents and students are also fully aware of safety and crises intervention procedures. A Principal's Advisory Committee meets throughout the school year to provide parents with direct access to our administration. A variety of booster clubs help in supporting our athletic and other co-curricular activities. These outreach programs send a strong message of our unified educational approach for the benefit of our students.

In closing, High Point is committed to preparing students for the rigors and challenges that lie ahead in the 21st century. We are truly meeting our educational commitment for academic excellence and success through our increased use of technology, Google Apps for Education, our focus on innovation in our classrooms, and our commitment to a climate of strong support. Our efforts in staff development, technology integration, and curriculum revision, coupled with motivated students, positive parent relations, dedicated teachers and innovative administrators, will pave the way for an even stronger educational experience at High Point Regional High School in the future.