As Principal of Phillipsburg High School, it gives me great pleasure to present, for your review, the New Jersey School Performance Report for the 2014-2015 school year. Phillipsburg High School, which serves students in grades nine through twelve, is one of oldest high schools in New Jersey. At the secondary level, the district serves not only students from the town of Phillipsburg which makes up 37.6% of the high school population, but also students from the surrounding boroughs of Alpha and Bloomsbury, as well as the townships of Greenwich, Lopatcong, and Pohatcong. Phillipsburg's present high school building was originally built in 1927, with an addition erected in 1958. This three-story structure of 141,000 square feet, houses 52 instructional rooms, with enough space for 1,500 students. With a current population of over 1,550 students, we are proud to be opening the doors of our new high school building in September, 2016, which will include 330,000 square feet of instructional space for its students. Constructed on a hill overlooking the Lehigh Valley, Delaware River and Warren County, the new high school building will offer state-of-the-art technology and expanded academic opportunities.

Phillipsburg High School offers an array of course offerings that have been created through discussion among staff members, directors and administrators who understand the diverse study body. Academic achievement in all curricular programs is emphasized at Phillipsburg High School, and accelerated students are recognized by achieving honor and high honor roll status, Student of the Month selection through faculty committee, and by membership in the National Honor Society. Over 73% of the graduating class moves on to post-secondary school placement. The rigorous academic program includes 19 advanced placement courses in the areas of language arts, science, mathematics, computer science, social studies, world languages, the fine arts. This provides opportunities for students to further challenge themselves academically and progress in their college careers.

In addition to meaningful, relevant and challenging classes, we offer a wide variety of co-curricular and athletic programs that are valued by the community. Students are encouraged to become involved in activities that interest them. There is a vivacity of spirit at Phillipsburg High School that underpins all that we do. When students become involved in sports, music, drama, and school sponsored clubs, scholastic achievement improves and school spirit comes alive. Our staff takes great pride in maintaining a comprehensive program that builds character and values responsibility, respect, hard work, and honesty.

Please feel free to contact the high school at 908-454-6551 if you have any questions about this report card or your child's academic program. The faculty and administration are eager to collaborate with parents so that students may experience success and develop into self-confident and lifelong learners.