JAMES J FERRIS (17-2390-060)

James J. Ferris High School provides a high-quality education for the multi-ethnic students of Jersey City. As such, we are the beneficiary of our city’s long history of ethnic and cultural diversity. Located downtown, Ferris is within a short commute of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Science Center. Its diverse student body benefits and reflects the riches of a metropolitan area in the midst of its own municipal renaissance.
The James J. Ferris High School community promotes the ideal that education is a shared learning experience that enriches and ennobles the individual. To realize that ideal, we are committed to meeting our students’ needs and expectations by working with them and their parents or guardians as partners. Our school, therefore, is a vital social agency that provides a clean, safe, open environment for the dissemination of information, the exchange of ideas, and the opportunity for all our students to advance and mature according to their own capabilities and talents.

The administration and faculty are committed to ensuring that the educational programs provide each student with varied experiences that are both challenging and worthwhile. Our curriculum prepares students to meet all state-mandated requirements and provides the skills necessary for successful entry into college and/or the workforce. A variety of instructional practices are employed to support the individual learning styles of our students, foster high order thinking skills, and underscore the value of collaboration. Working in conjunction with district personnel, parents and community leaders, we have developed a curriculum that is tightly aligned with relevant academic employment and workplace standards.

Ferris High School offers an exciting array of career academies for students with particular interest in learning more about the world around us, how cultures interact within it, and what financial and commercial elements make the innovations essential to a dynamic and productive society possible. These small learning communities are supported by a full range of solid and engaging elective courses, as well as extra-curricular offerings which complement study and broaden the scope of students’ experiences within the programs. The career academies which are housed at Ferris High School include those listed below:

The Junior Academy is a pilot program that has been created for our 11th grade students. The program houses 11th grade students who are focusing on preparing for the federal and state assessments such as the HSPA and SAT as well as providing avenues of post secondary opportunities that our students may choose to explore. An additional component of the Academy is that it houses the WIN/ACCESS Program, which is a Special Educational Program that addresses the curricula set forth by the district; but also adds a vocational component where students are provided the opportunity to work in different companies around the city. The Academy provides a small learning community that allows administration and staff to focus on the needs of the individual child by creating a unique schedule where the students share the same teachers. Ferris High School is excited about this pilot program as it could lead to exciting post secondary opportunities for our students.

The Finance SLC is an exciting, fact-paced program which offers courses in business, economics, banking, and financial planning. Students address pertinent questions such as: How does the stock market work? How can I make money by trading futures and options? What types of investments should be included in an investment portfolio? The program goal is to provide an opportunity for students to explore careers such as stock broker, financial analyst, banker, finance director and real estate agent.

The Hospitality & Tourism SLC offers students an understanding of the various components of the hotel and travel industry. The program provides an in-depth look at all aspects of tourism and hospitality, and is supported by coursework in business, geography, hospitality and economics which reflect the multicultural diversity and global orientation of this growing industry. Throughout the duration of the program, students integrate academic learning with practical business applications and hands-on work experience related to the world of hospitality and tourism. Graduates of the program are well prepared to pursue both post-secondary study and careers in this exciting field.

The Management/Office Procedures SLC is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for today’s technological workforce. Students work with a variety of computer programs and gain insight into the fields and careers related to management. Through involvement in the program, students develop an understanding of the importance of organization, accuracy, co-workers, employers and time management as they collaborate in an office setting to solve problems and develop personal leadership qualities.

The Marketing SLC engages students in the study of advertising and the sale of various products and goods produced within our society. Students have the opportunity to learn important marketing concepts such as target markets, marketing mixes, marketing research, and marketing strategies. Students are expected to make wise decisions based on the analysis of data which they collect. In addition, students learn their rights as consumers and cooperate in the creation and maintenance of their own entrepreneurial business.

The International Studies SLC is a highly-focused program for students with a specific interest in international studies and public relations. It introduces students to the complex and diverse world in which we live through a strong focus on foreign languages, translation, geography and cultural studies. Students gain a valuable awareness of the intricacies of the political and social relations of the many people of the world, with particular focus on diplomacy through good communication skills, cultural sensitivity and respect for other practices and beliefs. Students explore careers in diplomacy, journalism, and government agencies such as Customs and the FBI.

Ferris High School has partnered with Saint Peter’s University under the Title V Grant to allow English Language Learners to take extended day class in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics. The students would also be offered the opportunity to take classes at the University and earn college credits.

Additionally, Ferris High School has developed partnerships with corporations on the Jersey City Waterfront where students are afforded the opportunity to serve internships in preparing them for life beyond high school.

James J. Ferris High School is dedicated to serving the students, parents and members of our community. Our comprehensive educational programs provide our students with a solid academic foundation and prepare them for their future. Our hope is that all students may develop into life-long learners and successful citizens ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.