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The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting high-quality summer learning opportunities that help close the achievement gap and support healthy development,  has developed a four-part quality improvement cycle for summer planning. The four parts of planning are Reflect, Planning, Train, Assess. The following details the time of year for each phase:

  • Reflect (August to October)
  • Planning (September to May)
  • Train (January to May)
  • Assess (July to August)

Based on the above cycle, NSLA suggests that Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) should be close to concluding the planning stage and be in the middle of the training stage for Summer 2022. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is aware of the challenges facing all LEAs and understands that each LEA may be in a different stage. NJDOE has updated key information from the 2021 Summer Learning Resource Guide and added new items to address each stage. This 2022 Summer Learning Resource Guide has reorganized and repurposed information from the previous guide and added new content based on where a particular topic is most prominently situated within the cycle. LEAs should keep in mind that there is an overlap of content between stages of the cycle. It is recommended that each LEA’s summer learning team use this guide by beginning with the sections that match the LEA’s needs.

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