New Jersey Department of Education

Curriculum Priorities

Curriculum plays an important role in how students are taught, and evidence shows that a high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum can have a significant positive impact on student achievement. Teachers and curriculum supervisors will need to determine evidence-based content priorities in mathematics and literacy to focus on throughout summer programming. The NJDOE encourages educators to take advantage of the Instructional Units in ELA and Mathematics, jointly developed by the NJDOE and New Jersey educators. Instruction should be focused on prioritized grade-level instructional content for ELA/literacy and mathematics, and these units can help focus the discussions for educators at every grade level.

In addition to the above, NJDOE collaborated with New Jersey educators over the past school year to identify prerequisite concepts and skills associated with each of the Instructional Units in ELA and Mathematics. The purpose of the Prerequisite Concepts and Skills is to determine the type of individualized instruction and supports that might be needed at the start of a unit to meet students where they are. These documents reflect the order and arrangement of the instructional units, identify focus standards, and support educators in the identification of any conceptual or skill gaps that might exist in a student’s understanding. These documents allow educators to identify opportunities for learning acceleration and can support the selection of priority content to address through a summer learning program. Please view the Summer Learning Curriculum Checklist to access a summer curriculum checklist to assist with the planning and assessment stages of the Summer Learning Quality Improvement Cycle.


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