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Special Education

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Self-Advocacy Resources

  • Student Bill of Rights - A two page document that highlights some of the key rights established under Federal and State law for students with disabilities, high school students, and people with disabilities.  Guidance is also provided on what can be done to get more information or if there is a problem with asserting any of these rights.
  • The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) - ASAN was created to provide support and services to individuals on the autism spectrum while working to change public perception and combat misinformation by educating communities about persons on the autism spectrum.  Activities include public policy advocacy, community engagement to encourage inclusion and respect for neurodiversity, quality of life oriented research and the development of autistic cultural activities and other opportunities for autistic people to engage with others on the spectrum.
  • Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment - The Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment facilitates successful secondary and postsecondary educational, vocational and personal outcomes for students and adults with disabilities. ZC faculty, staff, and students do this through self-determination oriented evaluation, research, development, transition education instruction, and dissemination of best educational and support practices.