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IEP Development Resources

  • Sample postsecondary goals - A guide to writing postsecondary goal statements for inclusion in IEPs with examples.
  • Sample activities/strategies (Word | PDF) - Examples of transition activities/strategies for inclusion in IEPs.
  • Sample IEP form - The NJDOE unannotated model IEP form.
  • A Sample of Free Online Career Interest Inventories/Surveys- Web links to career interest inventories and surveys provided to students at no cost.
  • All About Me - An example of a paper and pencil interest survey.
  • Age Appropriate Transition Assessment - A concise description of what transition assessment is, and how to conduct them, from the Council for Exceptional Children and the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center.
  • Vocational Profile - A tool for documenting and structuring functional information about a student with disabilities that is vitally important for anyone who will provide assistance to the student to obtain and keep integrated employment in the community.