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Keeping Our Students Safe, Healthy & In School

New Jersey School Climate Survey

The Department encourages schools interested in utilizing a school climate survey to consider using the NJ School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Survey, a new and enhanced, comprehensive instrument developed in collaboration with the Rutgers’ School Climate Transformation Project team. The NJ SCI Survey will not only help schools to understand school climate needs and strengths from the perspectives of students, families, and staff, but will also provide insight into a school community’s relationships, safety, sense of connectedness, teaching and learning, and measures of an equitable and supportive learning environment, including supports for social and emotional learning.

Schools electing to use the NJ SCI Survey will also have access to an online platform that will facilitate data collection and analysis. Please visit the NJ SCI website for additional information.

The New Jersey School Climate Survey is no longer available. Should you have any questions, please email