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Educational Technology

Technology Planning for Digital Learning


Professional Learning Considerations

Professional Learning occurs for leadership teams and instructors.  All must be knowledgeable about what occurs when teaching and learning occurs in a digital learning environment. Much of the information below originates in the NETP.  The NETP provides diverse examples of professional learning events.

Professional Learning must be ongoing, high-quality, evidenced-based and personalized to meet the teacher's needs.24 Identify the resources available to help the district provide opportunities to deliver high-quality learning experiences, digital resources and access to online courses taught by effective educators.
Teachers must be empowered to gauge their personal level of technology readiness that includes digital literacy skills, visual literacy skills and computational thinking skills.  Teacher technology readiness growth should be tracked at the district level and school level to inform decisions on the district-wide professional learning needs of administrators and instructors.

There should be a consideration to providing unified professional learning opportunities with content area and educational and technology education educators, community members, national and international experts so that the effective integration of technology is evident, witnessed and practiced during the learning opportunity event.

Collaboration with experts outside of the school walls should be encouraged and fostered.
With this unified approach to professional development, there should be a concerted effort to develop a sense of "agency" for all students and to effectively use data resulting from the use of technology to inform instruction.