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Title I



NCLB/Title I
District Improvement Continuum Chart *



Interventions for Title I Districts


Early Warning – Did not make AYP for one year



LEA Improvement –(DINI 1):  Did not make AYP for two years

Parent notification; develop a district improvement plan to analyze and address leadership, governance, fiscal infrastructures, curriculum, and instruction.  The plan must address the needs of the low-achieving students, instructional strategies, professional development, and fiscal responsibilities the district will use to bring about increased student academic achievement.


LEA Improvement –(DINI 2):  Did not make AYP for three years

Parent notification; revise the district improvement plan, as indicated

4 and

District Corrective Action (DINI 3 and above):  Did not make AYP for four or more years

Parent notification; state notification to the district; state takes one of the following actions:

  • Defer funding
  • Implement a new curriculum
  • Replace LEA personnel
  • Appoint a Highly Skilled Professional

* Does not apply to single-school districts.  The NCLB school improvement interventions apply to these districts.