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Environmental Justice Task Force
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About the Environmental Justice Task Force

All State agencies are tasked with addressing environmental and environmental health concerns and may be asked to serve or address issues raised by the Task Force.

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Role of the Environmental Justice Task Force
Role of the Environmental Justice Advisory Council

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Counsel to the Governor
Attorney General’s Office
The departments of:
Environmental Protection
Health and Senior Services
Community Affairs
On Feb. 18, 2004, New Jersey's first-ever Statewide Environmental Justice Policy, Executive Order #96 was signed into law. The policy serves as a call to action for all government agencies to consider urban-environmental and public-health concerns and to increase public participation in the environmental decision-making process. Under the Executive Order, the Environmental Justice Task Force provides the collaborative mechanism necessary to effectively address environmental justice concerns.

Additionally, the Executive Order creates a process whereby communities may petition the the Environmental Justice Task Force to have potential environmental justice concerns proactively addressed.

Federal Executive Order 12898 underscores the need for proactive action to address potential environmental justice concerns. Under New Jersey's Environmental Justice policy, minority and low-income communities will be given priority consideration, as studies have shown that communities of color and low-income communities may bear a disproportionate amount of negative environmental impacts.

Concerned residents are encouraged to work with fellow neighbors, workers and community groups to create petitions that detail their environmental concerns for consideration by the Environmental Justice Task Force.

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