Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills into law:

S446 (Addiego, Madden/DeAngelo, Houghtaling, Wirths) - Provides preferences for certain businesses applying for workforce development grants.

S1242 (Turner, Greenstein/Benson, DeAngelo, Pinkin) - Requires boil water notices be provided to municipal officials within one hour.

S1712 (Beach, Turner/Lampitt, Chaparro, Houghtaling) - Requires consumer notification of vehicle warranty for aftermarket and recycled parts.

S1874 (Ruiz, Greenstein/Giblin, Webber, Wimberly, Chiaravalloti) - Establishes special license plates to bring awareness to breast cancer.

S2055 (Cunningham, Ruiz/Sumter, Jasey, Jones) - Permits incarcerated persons to receive student financial aid.

S2106 (Bucco, Bucco/Dancer, Pinkin) - Requires Adjutant General of DMVA to issue State flag to resident enrolling in federal service academy.

S2656 (Pou, Cruz-Perez, Ruiz/Lopez, Mejia, Chaparro) - Establishes 35 member New Jersey Puerto Rico Commission in Department of State.

S2905 (Singleton/Mukherji, Armato, Mazzeo) - Prohibits certain possession, sale, trade, distribution, or offering for sale of shark fins.

S3594 (Singer, Singleton/Quijano) - Provides certain employment protections for National Guard members employed in New Jersey.

SJR36 (Weinberg/Mosquera, Lampitt, Webber) - Designates October of each year as "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month" in New Jersey.

SJR59 (Doherty, Madden/Mosquera, Moriarty, Dancer) - Designates May of each year as “Civil War Veterans Recognition Month,” in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

SJR83 (Van Drew/Armato, Mazzeo, DeAngelo) - Expresses support for United States Air Force to base F-35 fighter jets at 177th Fighter Wing in Atlantic City.

A5070 (Speight, Tucker, Pintor Marin/Ruiz, Rice, Cunningham) - Authorizes certain municipalities to impose parking taxes to fund projects to improve pedestrian access to mass transit.


Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bill:

S2389 (Singleton/Quijano, Downey, Houghtaling, Moriarty) – Requires New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy to establish prescription drug pricing disclosure website and certain pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to provide prescription drug price information.

Copy of Statement on S2389


Governor Murphy absolute vetoed the following bills:

S2167 (Pennacchio, Pou/Webber, McKeon, Pinkin, Giblin) - Dedicates $500,000 annually in revenues from vessel registration and renewal fees to NJ Greenwood Lake Fund.

Copy of Statement on S2167

S3509 (Beach, Turner/Greenwald, Murphy, Vainieri Huttle) - Increases dedication of certain revenues to “New Jersey Wine Promotion Account.”

Copy of Statement on S3509