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Public Information

The links listed to the left and described below are GRC produced information on the Open Public Records Act for records custodians and the public. E-mail the GRC if you have questions about any of this material.

GRC Presentations

Citizens' Guide
A straight-forward guide to help the public access government records.

Open Public Records Act
Contains the text of the original law specially formatted to assist the reader with understanding OPRA. If you notice that there are gaps in section numbers, do not be alarmed; this is because those sections were repealed.
- Denial of Access Appeal poster (PDF 18K)

to be placed on a custodian's office wall that describes denial of access appeal process.
- Denial of Access Appeal poster (PDF 18K)

in Spanish.

PowerPoint Presentations
Presentations about OPRA prepared by the GRC can be viewed online.

Updated: 06/23/2018