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Monte Irvin
monte irvin throwing the discus
Throwing the discus
(track and field).


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Monte Irvin
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Monte Irvin
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Growing Up

Baseball Hall of Famer Monte Irvin was born on February 25, 1919, in Haleburg, Alabama. While Monte was still a young boy, his family moved to Orange, New Jersey. At age 13, Monte began playing baseball for the local Orange Triangles.

A natural athlete, Monte earned 16 varsity letters in high school. He made all-state in football, basketball, track and baseball. He even set the state record in the javelin throw.

After graduating high school, Monte attended Lincoln University in Chester, Pennsylvania wherehe continued to excel in all four sports. After two years at Lincoln, Monte left school to become a professional baseball player with the Newark Eagles inthe Negro Leagues in 1939.

Playing football for Orange High School.**

Orange Triangles semi-pro basketball team 1938. Monte is seated 2nd from the left.**

*Photo Credit - "Baseball Hall of Gamers of the Negro Leagues - Monte Irvin," by Katie Haegele
** Photo Credit - "Nice Guys Finish First the Autobiography of Monte Irvin"

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