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Many of the following games require the Macromedia Flash 5 player.

get Macromedia Flash Player
  1. Go to Macromedia's site by clicking here.
  2. Click the "Download Now" button. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the Installer.
  3. Save the Installer to your desktop and wait for it to download completely.
  4. An Installer icon will appear on your desktop. Double-click on it.

State Symbol Word Jumble State Symbol Word Jumble (requires Flash 5)
A picture of each New Jersey symbol pops up after you find the word.
New Jersey County Rebus New Jersey County Rebus (requires Flash 5)
Name the New Jersey county by figuring out the pictures.
State House Maze State House Maze (requires Flash 5)
Facts and photos of the State House appear as you move Professor Foulkii through the maze.
The Bill Game The Bill Game (requires Flash 5)
Professor Foulkii and his friend race to the finish as you answer questions about how a bill becomes a law.
Hadrosaurus Foulkii Name Game Hadrosaurus Foulkii Name Game (requires Flash 5)
Create as many words as you can by using the letters in the state dinosaur's name.
Jersey Devil Squares Game Jersey Devil Squares Games (requires Flash 5)
The New Jersey Devil has a surprise for you after you complete his puzzle.
Coloring Book Coloring Book
Use your mouse instead of your crayons to color some New Jersey symbols.
Jersey Devil Auditions Jersey Devil Auditions (requires Flash 5)
The New Jersey Devil holds auditions for someone to play his part.
State Seal Roomies State Seal Roomies (requires Flash 5)
Liberty and Ceres tell you the meanings behind the symbols on the state seal.
Dunk King George Dunk King George (requires Flash 5)
King George gets soaked when you hit the bull's eye.
Washington Crosses the Delaware Washington Crosses the Delaware (requires Flash 5)
Help General Washington get across the Delaware River into New Jersey to defeat the British.
Airplane Airplane (requires Flash 5)
Watch the first passenger flight take off on its way to Atlantic City.
Indian King Maze
Indian King Maze (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)
Find your way through the maze to the Indian King Tavern, the birthplace of New Jersey state government.
  get Acrobat Reader
State Seal Search
State Seal Search (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)
The hidden words describe items within the state seal.

get Acrobat Reader
State Seal Search
Monte Irvin Trivia Game (requires Flash)
Answer trivia question about Baseball Hall of Famer Monte Irvin

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