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Scavenger Hunt

The answers to the 20 questions in the Scavenger Hunt can be found on these Hangout Web pages. Check your answers when you are done, and print out your certificate.

jump over list of pages where answers may be found, and go to the questions


1. Who discovered the New Jersey state dinosaur, the Hadrosaurus Foulkii?

2. When was New Jersey's first constitution written?

3. New Jersey's four ski lodges are Hidden Valley, Campgaw Mountain, High Point Cross Country Ski Center, and ______________.

4. In what year did Thomas Edison open his laboratory in Menlo Park?

5. How many pieces of gold leaf cover the State House dome?

6. Who was named first royal governor of New Jersey in 1703?

7. Who designed the original State House that was built in 1792?

8. What is the highest court in the judiciary branch?

9. How many people are in the state Senate?

10. What do locals in the Pine Barrens call the Jersey Devil?

11. What is New Jersey's state bird?

12. What was the population of New Jersey in 2000?

13. Where was Grover Cleveland born?

14. How old must you be to become a state senator?

15. In what year was the Jersey Devil said to be born to Mother Leeds?

16. In what year was the Hadrosaurus Foulkii discovered?

17. When did today's state constitution come into effect?

18. How many people are in the General Assembly?

19. What is New Jersey's official flower?

20. What was New Jersey's first newspaper?


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