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Jersey Shore

Captain Kidd

Treasure Hunt



Coloring Book Pages (pdf):

Traz Makes Taffy

Karpock Enjoys Reading a Book at the Jersey Shore

Jaypeg Meets Some Jersey Shore Folk

Lifeguard from Another Planet on Duty


Welcome to the Jersey Shore

New Jersey's 127-mile coastline is the perfect summertime destination. From Sandy Hook to Cape May, the Jersey shore has long been known for its beaches, bays, resorts, charming seaside communities, boardwalks, and amusement parks. Whether you swim, surf, boat, fish, build sandcastles, bike, sunbathe, or sight-see, the beaches and towns of Monmouth, Ocean, and Atlantic Counties are sure to be tons of fun.

Saltwater Taffy

One thing everyone can find and enjoy "down the shore" is saltwater taffy.

It is believed that the first taffy made in Atlantic City was labeled "saltwater taffy" as a sales gimmick. In 1883, a taffy vendor named David Bradley was selling taffy for five cents each at his stand on the boardwalk near the David Lindy Baths at St. James Place. Each piece was folded in a square piece of paper with the ends twisted together.

As legend has it, a Nor'Easter (a northeastern storm front) struck the coast in August of that year, its nasty wind causing waves to spray Bradley's taffy with saltwater. Soon afterwards, a little girl visited his stand and asked for "saltwater taffy." Others asked for "ocean water taffy" and "sea foam taffy," but the vendor decided on the first name.

That winter, Bradley had signs made to advertise "saltwater taffy."

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