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Youth Camp and Public Recreational Bathing Updates
for the Local Health Official

Presented by New Jersey Department of Health
Public Health and Food Protection Program

To be qualified for REHI credits, the participant will need to attend/watch the course, then request and complete the evaluation form. Contact youth.camps@doh.nj.gov




Local Health Officials may use this checklist as a tool in preparing for youth camp preoperational inspections


  1. Review N.J.A.C.8:25 Youth Camp Safety Standards

  2. Download the Youth Camp Preoperational Inspection Form 

  3. Anticipate calls from camp operators requesting site visits and schedule accordingly 

  4. Prioritize newly operating camps and sites which have experienced a spotty compliance history 

  5. Use resources like BatchGeo to map the proximity between site locations and save time and energy for your site visits 

  6. Provide on site guidance during your preop and direct the camp operator to contact youth.camps@doh.nj.gov with any questions or concerns 

  7. Provide the camp the website @ NJ Youth Camps for access to education and resources for camp operators 

  8. Conduct any follow up and/or re-inspection activities prior to the camp's open/start date 

  9. Send completed inspection forms to youth.camps@doh.nj.gov for processing 

  10. Contact us with any questions or concerns at youth.camps@doh.nj.gov 
Last Reviewed: 3/8/2024