Environmental Health

Infectious Disease Prevention


The Youth Camp Safety Standards requires camp operators to ensure that all campers and staff under the age of 18, pursuant N.J.A.C. 8:57-4, are immunized and adhere to the requirements regarding medical and/or religious exemptions.

Only during a threatened disease or disease outbreak, as determined by the Commissioner, may the camp exclude unvaccinated children. 

An influx of disease can be unnerving, rest assured that the New Jersey Department of Health, through surveillance and response efforts, takes routine measures to address any outbreak illness identified within the state. Check out the material below for more information.



Report outbreaks (and suspect outbreaks) of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in your youth camp to your local health department immediately. Outbreaks should also be communicated to the Youth Camp Safety Project by the youth camp owner/operator, camp director or health director by phone to (609) 913-5115 or email: youth.camps@doh.nj.gov within 24 hours.

An outbreak may be occurring when:

  • Several children with similar symptoms are in the same group
  • There is an increase in absences with reports of similar symptoms
  • Two or more children are diagnosed with the same reportable disease
  • A single case of a highly infectious disease exists or is suspected to exist

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Last Reviewed: 4/29/2024