Office of Commissioner

  1. Deputy Commissioner

    Deputy Commissioner

    Deborah Hartel
    Deputy Commissioner

    The Integrated Health Services branch is designed to increase efficiency, coordination and integration of the state’s delivery of primary healthcare, including chronic disease prevention, treatment and management.

    Through the Division of Behavioral Health Services, the branch is also responsible for the operation of three regional adult psychiatric hospitals (Ancora, Greystone and Trenton), and one specialized facility providing maximum security (Ann Klein).

  2. Assistant Commissioner

    Assistant Commissioner

    Nashon Hornsby
    Assistant Commissioner, Community Health Division

  3. Assistant Commissioner, Division of Behavioral Health

    Assistant Commissioner, Division of Behavioral Health

    Chris Morrison
    Assistant Commissioner

  4. Minority and Multicultural Health

    Minority and Multicultural Health

    Amanda Medina-Forrester
    Executive Director

    Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH) works to reduce and ultimately eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities through equal access to programs that enable all populations in New Jersey to achieve optimal health, dignity and independence. Major OMMH objectives are to promote policies that improve health for multicultural populations; build community-level capacity to identify and reduce disease risk factors; support partnerships with minority-serving community and faith-based organizations, and develop and promote culturally competent policies and practices in health service delivery.

Last Reviewed: 2/5/2019