Office of Commissioner

  1. Population Health

    Population Health

    Colette Lamothe-Galette, M.P.H.
    (609) 984-0157

    Population Health (OPH) provides leadership and management of health improvement planning, policy implementation, direction of data analytics, and outcomes research on the topic of population health. Programs within OPH collect and report statewide health statistics and maintain numerous surveillance systems and data registries. OPH staff publish quality performance data and annual hospital performance reports for NJ hospitals, and provide funding to community organizations to conduct health promotion and disease prevention activities in high risk subpopulations of the state. The Office has oversight over the Healthcare Quality and Informatics and the Minority and Multicultural Health units.

    Colette Lamothe-Galette, also leads the Department’s accreditation, quality improvement and performance management initiatives.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Public Health from Yale University.

  2. Minority and Multicultural Health

    Minority and Multicultural Health

    Executive Director

    Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH) works to reduce and ultimately eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities through equal access to programs that enable all populations in New Jersey to achieve optimal health, dignity and independence. Major OMMH objectives are to promote policies that improve health for multicultural populations; build community-level capacity to identify and reduce disease risk factors; support partnerships with minority-serving community and faith-based organizations, and develop and promote culturally competent policies and practices in health service delivery.

  3. Healthcare Quality and Informatics

    Healthcare Quality and Informatics

    Abate Mammo, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

    Healthcare Quality and Informatics (HQI) oversees the interagency collaboration and improvement of data sharing and collaboration among units of HQI and other agencies to improve quality of health care in New Jersey.  HQI oversees the maintenance of the numerous surveillance systems, data registries, population surveys and  quantitative data research and leads data quality monitoring, data analysis, data dissemination and the protection of data privacy.  HQI provides support on diverse projects within its group and facilitates primary and secondary data collection, data analyses and reporting on health outcomes to both monitor compliance with regulation of health facilities as well provide information for population health planning.  HQI oversees performance reports including the annual hospital performance report on NJ hospitals, Cardiac Surgery reports and Quality Indicator reports. HQI has oversight over the Center for Health Statistics and InformaticsHealth Care Quality Assessment and Health Services Research units.

Last Reviewed: 9/27/2018