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The NFIMR provides resources and support for both start-up and well-established FIMR programs.

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Mortality Reviews

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

New Jersey FIMR is a statewide system for fetal-infant mortality review. FIMR projects are funded through the 3 Maternal Child Health Consortia (MCHC) linked through the images below. The FIMR programs conduct reviews of fetal and infant deaths to identify potential causes and identify potential system changes.

*For more information on our Maternal Child Health Consortia partners, please visit MCHC page.

Maternal Mortality Review

The NJ Department of Health’s Maternal Mortality Review Program is a statewide initiative that identifies and, using a multidisciplinary approach, systematically reviews all pregnancy-associated deaths.  The program seeks to improve the ability to examine perinatal systems and issues a periodic statewide report to document and share its findings.

For more information about the NJ Maternal Mortality Review Program, or to report a maternal death (pregnancy associated death) contact the program coordinator at:

New Jersey Department of Health
Office of Population Health
Maternal Care Quality Collaborative
P.O. Box 360, Trenton, NJ 08625
Name: Adwoa K. Nantwi
Phone: 609-513-5789

Last Reviewed: 7/17/2024