Birth Defects and Autism Registrations and SCHS CMUs

While not all diagnoses are mandated to be registered, a majority of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) in need of services through SCHS CMUs will need to be registered.  

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For Professionals

What Services are Provided by SCHS CMUs

With parental consent, Special Child Health Services (SCHS) Case Management Unit (CMU) Case Managers work with the child’s parents, physician, and/or specialists to evaluate the strengths and needs of the affected child and develop and individual service plan (ISP) for the child and family . The ISP targets the medical, educational, rehabilitative, developmental, social, emotional, and economic needs of the child and family.

Who is eligible for SCHS Case Management?

All New Jersey residents with Special Health Care Needs or at risk for Developmental Delay and are age 21 and younger are eligible for SCHS Case Management. Many of these children will have been/need to be registered with the New Jersey Birth Defects or Autism registries. Registrations can be completed by hospitals, physicians, dentists, audiologists, certified nurse midwives, advance practice nurses, cytogenetic laboratories, and directors of clinical laboratories.

Last Reviewed: 3/16/2017