Get #teSTD

1 in 2 sexually active people will contract a STD by age 25. Don't wait. Get #TeSTD. Download our awareness poster in English and Spanish.

Congenital Syphilis

Congenital syphilis is on the rise in New Jersey. Congenital syphilis occurs when syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, is passed from a mother to her fetus in pregnancy.

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You're Never Too Old

You're never too old to practice safe sex — or to be at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. STDs pose additional hazards to older adults. Download our awareness poster in English and Spanish.

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Where to Get Tested

Testing for STDs is available at numerous facilities throughout New Jersey. Free and discounted testing is available at many sites.

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Statistical data

The Division compiles statistics on reported STD infections in New Jersey. Data are available from 1997 onward.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

The Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program strives to prevent and reduce the effects of STDs in New Jersey through prevention, education, screening, treatment, and surveillance. In cooperation with federal, state, and local partners, the STD Program provides:

  • Free, confidential testing and treatment for STDs.
  • Data and surveillance services
  • Partner notification services and technical assistance
  • Technical assistance for the provision of STD prevention and treatment best practices
  • Education and training services and materials
  • Program evaluation
  • Management of health care service grants

STD Program Contact Information

Main STD Number: 609-826-4869
Greta Anschuetz, MPH, Director
PO Box 360
Trenton, NJ 08625



Last Reviewed: 11/3/2021