County College of Morris - Community College
Accredited by: Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools
Carnegie Classification: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus
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Degree LevelDegreeProgramCIP
Cert Achiev Cert. Ach.Landscape Design010101
  Cert. Ach.Garden Center010101
  Cert. Ach.Basic Telecommunications Fundamentals109999
  Cert. Ach.Engineering Technology150805
  Cert. Ach.Basic Electronics150303
  Cert. Ach.Mechanical CAD150303
  Cert. Ach.Assembly & Testing150303
  Cert. Ach.Landscape Contractor010101
  Cert. Ach.Grounds Maintenance010101
  Cert. Ach.Information Security111003
  Cert. Ach.Advanced Mechanical Analysis150805
  Cert. Ach.Advanced Electronics150303
  Cert. Ach.Horticultural Apprentice010101
  Cert. Ach.Media Technology110801
  Cert. Ach.Web Development109999
  Cert. Ach.Small Business Management520703
  Cert. Ach.Restaurant Management & Event Planning120504
  Cert. Ach.Systems Networking109999
  Cert. Ach.Culinary Arts520901
  Cert. Ach.Digital Technology150303
Pre-Associate CertifEarly Childhood Development190709
  CertifComputer-Aided Drafting Technology151302
  Cert. Ach.Finance Career520801
  Cert. Ach.Cisco Networking110203
  Cert. Ach.System & Application Software110601
  Cert. Ach.Administrative Support110301
  Cert. Ach.Personal Trainer310505
Associate A.A.Design500499
  A.A.Liberal Arts & Sciences240101
  A.A.Musical Theatre500999
  A.S.Exercise Science310505
  A.S.Public Health (with Brookdale, Middlesex and Mercer County Colleges)512201
  A.S.Engineering Science141301
  A.S.Computer Science110701
  A.S.Occupational Therapy Assistant (W/ Rutgers)510803
  A.S.Criminal Justice430107
  A.S.Public Administration440401
  A.S.Early Childhood Education131209
  A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.S.Music Technology500999
  A.S.Science & Mathematics309999
  A.A.S.Fire Science Education (W/ Passaic)430201
  A.A.S.Technical Studies159999
  A.A.S.Photography Technology500605
  A.A.S.Culinary Arts and Sciences120503
  A.A.S.Hospitality Management520901
  A.A.S.Electronics Engineering Technology150303
  A.A.S.Business Professional Program529999
  A.A.S.Respiratory Therapy510908
  A.A.S.Chemical Technology410301
  A.A.S.Graphic Design500409
  A.A.S.Information Technology110103
  A.A.S.Mechanical Engineering Technology150805
  A.A.S.Medical Laboratory Technology (W/ Suss/Berg)511004
  A.A.S.Digital Media Technology110801
  A.F.A.Fine Arts500799
Source: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Degree Program Inventory, 11/14/2017 11:42:50 AM