Salem Community College - Community College
Accredited by: Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools
Carnegie Classification: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus
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Degree LevelDegreeProgramCIP
Pre-Associate CertifSocial Services450101
  CertifPersonal Trainer340103
  CertifScientific Glassblowing Technology489999
  CertifPractical Nursing513901
  CertifPharmacy Technician510805
  CertifCase Management440799
  CertifEmergency Services430203
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology: Energy Auditor150503
  CertifIndustrial Design500404
  CertifMedical Coding510713
  CertifGlass Art500799
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology150503
  CertifAllied Health510001
  CertifAdministrative Assistant520401
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology: Solar Energy Technology150503
  CertifBusiness Paraprofessional Management520499
  Cert. Ach.Sustainable Energy Technology: Weatherization Technology150503
  Cert. Ach.Sustainable Energy Technology: Green Construction Technology150503
Associate A.A.Liberal Arts240101
  A.A.Liberal Arts - Computer Science110701
  A.A.Visual Arts-Glass Art500799
  A.S.Health and Exercise Science310507
  A.S.Health Science510999
  A.S.Criminal Justice430107
  A.S.Gamw Design and Development500411
  A.S.Forensic Science430106
  A.S.Paralegal Studies (w/Cumberland)220302
  A.S.Visual Arts-Computer Graphic Art110803
  A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.S.Sport Management310504
  A.S.Emergency Management430302
  A.A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.A.S.Sustainable Energy Technology (W/ Cumberland)150503
  A.A.S.Scientific Glass Technology (w/ Cumberland)489999
  A.A.S.Technical Studies159999
  A.A.S.Sustainable Energy Technology150503
  A.A.S.Game Design (w/ Cumberland County College)360113
  A.A.S.Horticulture (w/ Cumberland)010603
  A.A.S.Nuclear Energy Technology (W/ Cumberland)410205
  A.A.S.Nursing [One Plus One RN Mobility]513801
  A.A.S.Nuclear Energy Technology410205
  A.A.S.Agriculture (w/ Cumberland)010101
  A.A.S.Respiratory Therapy (W/ Rutgers)510908
  A.F.A.Glass: Applied Craft & Design (w/ Cumberland)500799
  A.F.A.Glass Art500709
  A.F.A.Computer Graphic Art500409
Source: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Degree Program Inventory, 11/14/2017 11:42:52 AM