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Assistance for Hurricane Evacuees in New Jersey

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Locating Loved Ones


Locating Loved Ones

American Red Cross (national office) - 1-877-LOVED1S or register online.

Salvation Army - Go to the Web site; under “Connect with Loved Ones,” click on SATERN. Fill out the short form, and the Salvation Army will broadcast the message to a network of radio operators. Or call 1-800- 725-2769.

Salvation Army's Team Emergency Radio Network – SATERN
Health and welfare Information can be requested. Your inquiry will be sent to the disaster area, where SATERN personnel will attempt to locate the person or persons about whom you are inquiring.

National Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) -- contains a Disaster Victim Registration Form and an I’m Safe Message Board. Or call 1-800-915-5413.

The Katrina PeopleFinder Project, which is compiling records of missing persons from all available online sources, now has a searchable database of over 345,000 records. For more information about this volunteer project, please go to KatrinaHelp and KatrinaList.

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