Thomas H. Kean
1982 - 1990

No. Subject Date Issued
71 Order and direct State agencies to obtain waterfront development or wetlands permits 05/15/84
84 Establishes the Office of Telecommunication and Information Systems within the Department of Treasury. 10/17/84
EO #87 Whitman
EO #42 Corzine
123 Further defines certain records of police departments are public records within the purview of Chapter 73, P. L. 1963, or are exempt under the purview of Executive Order No. 9 of Governor Richard J. Hughes. 11/12/85
EO #9 Hughes
189 Supplements regulations in EO No. 34 which provides the grounds and procedures applicable to the debarment, suspension and disqualification of State vendors, to encompass appropriate standards prohibiting conflicts of interest on the part of present and prospective State vendors. 07/20/88
204 Order and direct "Policy for a Drug-Free Workplace" in State Government 03/14/89
215 Order and direct State agencies to prepare environmental assessment statements 09/11/89
219 Order and direct State entities to take steps to reduce emissions of climate-affecting gases 10/23/89