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New Jersey State Broadband Initiative
New Updates Coming for the Broadband Map
As part of the State Broadband Initiative, ConnectingNJ, its partners and vendors collect broadband data across the State from providers and Community Anchor Institutions to populate the New Jersey and National Broadband Map. This map is updated every six months.

Our next Broadband Map update will be in October.

Learn more about the New Jersey Broadband Map by visiting our website.

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How Does Broadband Benefit Our Lives and Our Economy?
Broadband is fast becoming the foundation of our communications and computing infrastructure and is an essential backbone of our economy – improving quality of life and accelerating delivery of services across the different community anchor institutions and sectors. Community Anchor Institutions, known as CAIs, are the cornerstones of communities in every state. The National Telecommunications Information Administration ( NTIA) classifies CAIs into the following seven categories:

K-12 schools, libraries, colleges, healthcare institutions, public safety offices, government agencies, and other key non-government institutions.

Community anchor institutions need high-bandwidth broadband connections to deliver essential services, including online learning, remote medical care, job training, access to e-government benefits, and many more. With the increasing usage of high-definition video and other bandwidth-intensive media, these institutions need to have sufficient coverage to provide the levels of service needed in a digital economy, and communities need to plan for additions of even greater levels of bandwidth in the future.

CAIs often need capacity of 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) or even 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps), which is far greater than the bandwidth needed by individual households. These are the levels needed to deliver state of the art services and innovative solutions that constituents and customers are demanding.

To learn more about the benefits of broadband, visit our website and read about the different ways that ConnectingNJ is working to gain participation and involvement in broadband decision-making and expansion planning across the State.

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How Are Small Businesses Adopting Broadband?
Learn about how small businesses adopt broadband and review survey results gathered from NJ small businesses.

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About the State Broadband Initiative
New Jersey's State Broadband Initiative (SBI) is a federally funded program to build the State Broadband Map, raise awareness of broadband benefits, provide technical assistance on using the broadband map, and other resources.

Our mission is to gain and provide better insight into broadband availability, issues and needs, and determine how New Jersey can increase adoption in ways that can help bring more growth opportunities, improved services and better outcomes for our Community Anchor Institutions and our State’s overall economic growth.

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