Collaboration in the Cloud

CloudConnect is a bundled offering of cloud-based Microsoft Office365 products, including email, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and storage. It enables user-friendly interagency communication and file sharing, multi-device content synchronization, and two-factor authenticated remote access.

Flexible Access, Greater Connectivity

CloudConnect users can access and share data from virtually anywhere at any time.

OneDrive and its free mobile application extends productivity beyond to confines of your desk without sacrificing functionality or security.

Similarly, Skype for Business enables instant text or video communication between all CloudConnect users, whether in the office or on the move.

More Storage, Real-Time Collaboration

CloudConnect users enjoy up to 1TB of document storage that can be accessed from any authorized PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Any content stored in the cloud is automatically synchronized across all of your devices.

With CloudConnect, document edits are synchronized in real-time. SharePoint Online’s “team sites” enable collaboration on content, both internal and external to your organization.

Less Maintenance, Better Value

CloudConnect leverages the full scale of the Microsoft cloud and its world-class data centers.

Gone are the days of operating, patching, and upgrading email infrastructure.

Premier support and training comes standard with a CloudConnect licensing agreement.

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  • CloudConnect  is a comprehensive messaging system that has several features that some of the State’s previous email systems did not have.  For example, CloudConnect  will provide:
    Online collaboration tool that enables multiple parties to work on a single document simultaneously;
  • Universal calendaring system that facilitates meeting scheduling;
  • Global address book that allows for quick and easy search of state employee contact information.

Yes, it is expected that all agencies and departments will be migrated to CloudConnect , a Microsoft Office messaging platform.

Yes, after your email system is migrated to CloudConnect your email address will become

Your new email box will accept mail sent to your previous email address as well as those sent to your new “” email address.

Your contact list(s) will be automatically migrated into the new email system.

Individual agencies will decide which email messages archived in their current email systems will be migrated to CloudConnect . Once on the new email system, all of your archived email and will be fully accessible to you from your PC. Archived messages will appear in your mailbox with a vault icon next to the item. By clicking on the icon you will be able to access your archives.

All state agencies and departments will be migrated to CloudConnect , a Microsoft Office messaging platform.

Currently, there are five distinct email systems and multiple versions of those email systems being used by state agencies and departments. Consolidating to one messaging system will reduce expenses and optimize electronic communication statewide.

Any concerns about the email system should be directed to your agency’s Help Desk.

Software training videos are available on the CloudConnect website which is accessible via the portal. In addition, in person training will be offered to network administrators and Help Desk staff.

The size limit for a single message sent from an CloudConnect email account is 25 MB. This size limit includes all attachments.

Your state issued cell/smartphone will be configured on the backend. There is no need to turn in your cell/smartphone to a technician.

Yes, one of the benefits of CloudConnect is that it is accessible from nearly all mobile devices including tablets. However, your personal device must comply with State of New Jersey security protocols.

Backing up personal files, pictures and data to a personal storage device is strongly suggested for all hand held devices.

There may be a brief interruption in email delivery during non-business hours.

State issued mobile phones that are supported by the State will be able to synch. For some personal devices it may depend on the make, model and software version of the device.

SharePoint is software that allows you to manage documents, publish reports, share ideas and perform content management.

Skype for Business is built to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office, and offers enhanced instant messaging (IM), and the opportunity to communicate across computers, browsers, telephones, and mobile phones.

The decision to change business cards resides with your particular agency or department.