State of New Jersey Online Appeals Application

File Your Appeal of an Unemployment or Temporary Disability Insurance Determination

Thank you for visiting the NJ Division of Unemployment's site for employers and claimants (customers) to file an appeal of an Unemployment or Temporary Disability Insurance determination.

If you have received a determination about your Unemployment Insurance or Temporary Disability Insurance benefits, you will be able to file an online appeal of that determination. An appeal is a process where someone at the Division of Lower Authority Appeals reviews the decision you received and then decides whether it is correct. You must file a timely appeal in order to get this review. If you do not file a timely appeal, the determination you have will control your right to benefits.

Please look at your determination carefully before you go any further. You need to know that your determination was issued by a Deputy. This site cannot be used to file an appeal to the Board of Review or Appellate Court. All documentation and evidence regarding your appeal can be submitted directly to the Appeal Tribunal once your appeal is accepted and you are provided a docket number. Follow the instructions below as you go through this site.
There are two pages for filing an appeal. Make sure you review each one as follows:

  1. Click on the appropriate link below and completely fill in this page.

  2. Once you have completely filled in the application form, review your information on this submission page. Once you have reviewed your information, click "Submit" at the bottom of this page. IMPORTANT: If you do not CLICK SUBMIT on this page, your appeal has not been filed.

  3. Once you submit your appeal a confirmation page will appear to confirm it was filed. Print a copy of this page and keep it for your records. A copy of this confirmation information will also be sent to the email address you provided. If this confirmation page does not appear then your appeal was not filed.

If you have additional questions about filing an appeal, please email us at
Click the proper link below to file an Appeal:
A. Claimant (Customer) filing an Appeal: Click here  
B. Employer filing an Appeal: Click here  
C. Attorney/Agent filing an Appeal on behalf of a claimant (customer): Click here  
D. Attorney/Agent filing an Appeal on behalf of an employer: Click here