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Adult Education & Literacy - Title II

The purpose of the WIOA Title II program is to create a partnership among federal, state and local governments to provide adult education and literacy services. In New Jersey, the Adult Basic Skills Grant Program supports eligible providers in the development, implementation and improvement of adult education and literacy programs and activities throughout the state. Eligible providers awarded a grant will offer programs that provide instruction or services in adult education and literacy services, including workplace, family and English literacy programs.

Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO FY 2022)


Consent of Non-Enrollment in School for 16 to 21 Year Olds Fillable PDF Version
Client Intake Form Fillable PDF Version
L-6 HSE Release Form Fillable PDF Version
Release of Information Form Fillable  PDF Version
Integrated Education & Training (IET) Waiver           Fillable PDF Version


WIOA Title II Administrative Policies

Assessment Policy