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Adult & Dislocated Workers' Programs - Title I

Dislocated Workers are individuals who are:

  • Unemployed and have lost their job through no fault of their own, or
  • Who have received a layoff notice and are unlikely to return to their

previous occupation or industry.

Adults are individuals who are:

  • Age 18 or older.
  • In need of workforce services, training or retraining to secure unsubsidized employment.

Services available to adults and dislocated workers include:

  • Basic career services.
  • Individualized career services.
  • Training services such as on-the-job training and customized training.
  • Follow-up services.
  • Supportive services such as transportation vouchers or childcare assistance.

Any person seeking to be served with WIOA funds must be a United States citizen or authorized

to work in the United States. Military Selective Service registration requirements must be met by male participants.

  • To be eligible for service under the Dislocated Worker Program an individual must:
    • Have been terminated, laid off, or notified of layoff
    • Be eligible for or have exhausted Unemployment Compensation Benefits or has worked long enough to establish an attachment to the Labor Market AND
    • Be unlikely to return to his/her previous occupation or job

Dislocated workers may also be individuals who are laid off due to:

  • Plant closures or substantial layoffs at a plant or facility
  • Employment at a facility at which the employer has made a general announcement that that facility will close

Also included as Dislocated Workers are self-employed individuals, farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who are unemployed due to economic conditions or a natural disaster.

Displaced Homemakers who have been dependent on the income of another family member and are no longer receiving that support and who are unemployed or underemployed and having difficulty in obtaining work or upgrading employment are also considered dislocated workers.

Adult Dislocated Worker Guidelines


Adult & Dislocated Worker NJWIN's

NJWIN 7-17 Additional Guidance Related to Local Memoranda of Understanding

NJWIN 3-16 Adult/Dislocated Worker Eligibility

NJWIN 4-15 Adult/Dislocated Worker Fund Transfer Request

NJWIN 1-15 WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Eligibility Guidelines