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Tipped Workers in NJ: Rights and Protections

a waitress standing in the dining room of an upscale restaurant

On February 4, 2019, Gov. Phil Murphy signed Public Law 2019, c. 32, which amends the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law, incrementally increasing the state minimum hourly wage for most employees to $15/hour over the course of five years. This law also permits employers of tipped employees to take a “tip credit” for a portion of the employee’s tips while paying the employee a minimum cash wage.

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How to get help or make a complaint:

If you believe that your employer has not properly paid you, or you have a question about your situation, we can help.

Make a complaint online, email wage.hour@dol.nj.gov, or call 609-292-2305. A trusted person can help file a complaint or email us on your behalf. NJDOL has multilingual staff who can help.

Your identity and other personally identifiable information are protected from disclosure to your employer and others, with limited exceptions. For more information, click here.

Other resources and information: