1996 Annual Report:

New Jersey Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Board

1996 Accomplishments

The Siting Board continued its two-track approach, using the voluntary siting process to locate a suitable site in a willing community while at the same time moving ahead to develop the plans for site characterization and facility design that will be needed wherever the disposal facility is located. 



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1997 Agenda

The Siting Board expects to continue with the approach it has used since adopting the Voluntary Siting Plan in February 1995. This will include:

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1997 Public Meetings of the Siting Board

For 1997, the Siting Board has scheduled meetings usually on the first Thursday of each month in the 10th floor conference room, 44 S. Clinton Avenue, Trenton, located one half-block from the train station and adjacent to a public parking garage. Meetings commence at 9:30 AM and generally conclude between noon and 1:00 PM.

These meetings are open to the public:

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Financial Summary for Fiscal Year 1996

(July 1, 1995 - June 30, 1996)


Siting Board Operations $ 630,335

Professional Services from State Departments $ 344,337

Other Professional Services $ 292,172

Northeast Compact Commission $ 131,150



The Siting Board receives all of its funding through fee assessments on New Jersey generators of low-level radioactive waste. The Board will assess fees for the first time in four years to provide sufficient funds in FY'98 for site characterization - a comprehensive and expensive analysis and evaluation of a potential site - to begin as soon as a community and the Board agree that such an undertaking is warranted.

As noted above, the Board received professional services during FY'96 from seven entities. Four - the Department of Environmental Protection, the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of Dispute Settlement, and Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation - provide assistance to the Board on an on-going basis. The other three were hired for discrete projects: New Jersey Network for the production of the Board's informational videotape; the Center for Public Interest Polling at the Eagleton Institute of Politics to conduct and analyze two focus groups during the development of the voluntary siting process; and the League of Women Voters' Education Fund to convene a statewide conference in Jamesburg on low-level radioactive waste management.

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