New Jersey Doctors, Scientists &
Educators Agree:
'A disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste would be a safe neighbor.'

A lthough the word 'radioactive' raises immediate and understandable concerns and fears, we are convinced that the low-level radioactive waste generated in New Jersey can be packaged, transported and disposed of in a safe manner. We believe that a disposal facility for this material would cause no health or safety hazards if care is taken in the selection of a site and in the design, operation, monitoring and eventual closure of this facility.

Furthermore, we know that low-level radioactive waste generated by New Jersey's nuclear power plants, hospitals, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and colleges and universities is an unavoidable by-product of the energy production, medical procedures, research and manufacturing we have come to depend on.

Accordingly, we would suggest that New Jersey communities and municipalities, including those in which we and our families live, consider whether they have a site that might be suitable for a disposal facility, and evaluate the benefits they would receive if they choose to volunteer and are accepted as the host community for New Jersey's Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.

We recommend that there continue to be an open, public, voluntary process in which residents of potential host communities, their neighbors and other interested individuals can gain sufficient information to evaluate the potential impacts, and benefits, of the disposal facility, specific sites that might be suitable, and the health and safety measures that will be integral to the facility.

We further recommend increased research and management efforts to continue conservation efforts to reduce the volume and radioactivity of the waste generated in New Jersey.

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I agree. A low-level radioactive waste disposal facility would be a safe neighbor.

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Last updated September 1997