New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

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Directory of Registered Charities

This directory only lists information on organizations who are currently registered and have met all the mandated registration obligations. These obligations include but are not limited to: the submission of an accurately completed registration statement, including all applicable attachments; and payment of all fees and any other information relevant to maintaining charitable status with this State.

Be advised that this directory is updated every Friday while registration information is submitted to the CRI Section continually. If an organization of interest does not appear to be listed on this directory, information can be obtained by calling the charitable registration hotline at (973) 504-6215 for further assistance.

All registered charitable organizations must report expenditures for the fiscal year. These expenses are divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Program Expense:
    Cost of furthering the organization's stated purpose for soliciting donations.

  2. Management Expense:
    Cost of operations, including salaries, daily operations, utilities, etc.

  3. Fund Raising Expense:
    Cost of solicitations, professional fund raisers, fundraising activities, etc.

  4. Payments to Affiliates:
    Funds paid to affiliated organizations.

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Reading the Search Results

To assist in your search, here are some of the abbreviations used in the charities database:

ASSN - Association BPOE - Elks CTR - Center
CTY - County FDN - Foundation FED - Federation
FOP - Fraternal Order of Police NATL - National NJ - New Jersey (New Jersey is never spelled out)
PAL - Police Athletic League PBA - Police Benevolent Assn VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars
PTA - Parent Teacher Assn    
  • Other common abbreviations such as CORP, LTD, INC may also be found in the database.
  • Service Clubs are listed by name first, then town, i.e. Rotary Club of Butler.
  • There is no punctuation in the names i.e. periods, commas etc..
  • "The" is not listed at the beginning of the name, i.e. The Red Cross.


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