Board Staff

Under the Site Remediation Reform Act, the Department of Environmental Protection shall provide staff to assist the Board in the performance of its duties and functions. The Board staff presently consists of an Executive Director and Legal Counsel. SRPL Board staff positions are likely to increase as the Board moves forward and expands its responsibilities.

Janine MacGregor, Executive Director. Pursuant to the Board's bylaws, the Executive Director attends all meetings of the Board and keeps a record of the proceedings. Ms. MacGregor coordinates all activities relating to the operations of the Board, assists the Board standing committees in their duties and helps in writing and preparing Board publications including the Board web site.

Dana Haymes, Board Staff. Dana serves as the regulatory officer for the Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board, assisting the Board with writing regulations, auditing LSRPs, developing the continuing education program for LSRPs, and investigating complaints against LSRPs.

Judith Morrow, Board Staff. Ms. Morrow's main role is to facilitate the work of the Audit Committee.

Nielsen V. Lewis, Deputy Attorney General, Legal Staff to the Board. As legal counsel to the Board, Deputy Attorney General Lewis provides legal advice and opinions regarding matters pertaining to Board operations and affairs.

Other supports functions are provided by DEP managers and staff in the area of budget development, financial reporting, web site design and construction.

Contact the Board

Janine MacGregor, Executive Director.

Mailing Address

New Jersey Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board
c/o New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Site Remediation & Waste Management Program
Office of the Assistant Commissioner
PO Box 420
Mailcode 401-06
401 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420