LSRP Licensure

The next LSRP Exam will be held on April 28, 2022. The Board anticipates that the LSRP exam will be administered in person at a facility in East Windsor, NJ. If conditions related to COVID 19 result in restrictions on public gatherings or other measures that would impact the ability to administer an in-person LSRP exam, the exam may be administered in a remotely-proctored format. The relevant, updated application (Version 2.5, dated September 21, 2021) has been posted on the Board website. The $300.00 application fee must be submitted with the LSRP exam application. The application period will begin December 1, with all applications due to the Board by January 15, 2022.

1.)  Apply for the LSRP License

The Site Remediation Professional License is the state license conferred upon site remediation professionals that have demonstrated education and experience sufficient to qualify them to independently conduct site remediations and issue response action outcomes in compliance with applicable New Jersey statutes and regulations.

To become a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional ("LSRP"), an individual must submit an application that demonstrates that he or she meets all of the eligibility requirements. Persons interested in applying to become a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) may obtain the State of New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional Licensure Application Form and the State of New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional Licensure Application Form Instructions from the Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board website at
Application Form and Instructions.

The Application Form Instructions should be read in their entirety prior to completing the Application Form. Most questions will be answered by the Application Form Instructions. Additional questions that applicants may have are addressed in FAQs.

If you have specific questions that are not addressed in the Application Form Instructions or the FAQs, please direct them to the Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board Executive Director Janine MacGregor at 609-984-3424 or

LSRP License Exam Application Relevant Coursework

The dates for valid Board course credit for this LSRP Licensure Exam Application period are November 17 and 18, 2021 via Alternative Verifiable Learning Format and October 24, 2019, in New Brunswick, NJ.
Board's Course No.: 2019-098
Course Name: Case Study Training for LSRPs - the Next Generation
Presented By: NJAES - OCPE and NJDEP-SRWMP Training Committee
Continuing Education Credits (CECs): 2 Regulatory and 5 Technical CECs
For course registration and more information:
Course Contact Information: Pamela Springard-Mayer
Rutgers NJAES - Office of Continuing Professional Education
102 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone Number: 848-932-7463 or 9271
Email address:


Applicants are required to have three reference forms submitted on their behalf. The reference forms must be from three persons with personal knowledge of the applicant's training, experience and professional conduct, including at least one LSRP, at least one current or past employer of the applicant from any state, and a third person of the applicant's choosing. Access the Reference form here.


An individual whose application is approved by the Board must then take and obtain a passing score on the LSRP examination. The Board is currently administering the LSRP examination approximately once every 18 months.

When the Board approves an application, the Board will notify the applicant that he or she is a candidate for the LSRP examination. The notification will include information concerning registration for the next scheduled LSRP examination.

The notification will also include an LSRP Examination Candidate Agreement, which will include the rules concerning the examination. No person will be permitted to take the examination unless he or she signs a statement certifying that he or she has read the LSRP Examination Candidate Agreement and agrees to abide by its terms. A copy of the LSRP Examination Candidate Agreement, along with information about the format and content of the LSRP examination, can be found in the Candidate Bulletin. The Candidate Bulletin for the 2022 LSRP Examination will be posted prior to the application start date.

2.)  Renew your LSRP License

LSRP License Holders:

The Board has suspended certain Continuing Education requirements for LSRPs applying for license renewals. Click here to read the entire notice.

Every LSRP is required to renew his or her license every three years by submitting a completed application form and renewal fee to the Board no more than 120 days, and no less than 90 days, prior to his or her license expiration date. This means that all requirements must be met, all Continuing Education Credits must be earned, and the renewal application and all supporting documentation are due 90 days before the license expiration date. The Board will send renewal instructions to LSRPs via email approximately two weeks before each LSRP's renewal period begins.

Be advised that LSRPs are required to complete 36 continuing education credits each three-year license term in order to qualify for license renewal. For further information on continuing education requirements refer to

3.)  Inactivate your LSRP License

An LSRP that is not working in the field of site remediation in any capacity may choose to inactivate his or her license for a period of time, up to the license expiration date. Any LSRP that does not have an active license during the entirety of a calendar year is excused from payment of the annual licensing fee for that calendar year. An LSRP may inactivate his or her license by submitting the Inactivation of License Form to the Board.