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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What documents do I need to provide for burial?

Answer: For decorated honorably discharged veterans, a copy of the last discharge document and a copy of the order awarding the decoration if it is not listed on the discharge document. Former prisoners of war (POW) must provide a copy of their last discharge document and an official military document that confirms their former POW status. An active duty statement is required for active duty personnel.

Veterans retired from active duty are not required to provide documentation unless their military retirement has been combined with civil service retirement. In this case a copy of the retirement order and the last discharge document must be provided.

Retired Reservists must provide a discharge document copy that verifies active military service for other than training purposes. A drivers license or utility bill may be used to verify state residency.

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Question: How do I make arrangements for burial?

Arrangements for burial in Doyle Cemetery cannot be made in advance. At the time of need, contact a local funeral home. While there, have the funeral director call the cemetery's interment office at (609) 738-2400 to request burial. Any required documents (see preceding answer) should be provided to the funeral director and faxed to the cemetery at (609) 758-0169.

The same procedure is followed if an eligible family member predeceases the veteran. Eligibility is based on the veteran's military service. Learn more about eligibility.

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Question: How do I get the casket or urn to Doyle Cemetery?

Answer: Generally, your funeral director will arrange transportation of the remains. All costs associated with the shipping and storage of remains is the responsibility of the next of kin. If the death occurred while on active duty, the appropriate branch of service will pay for all transportation costs.

Cremated remains may be shipped by the funeral director or the next of kin, or may be brought to the cemetery by the next of kin at the time of interment.

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Question: How much does it cost to be buried in Doyle Cemetery?

Answer: There is no charge for services provided by the cemetery including the preparation and maintenance of the grave site or a Government-provided headstone, niche cover, or grave liner. The next of kin may elect to purchase a private vault in place of those provided by the cemetery. Arrangements for these items must be made in advance.

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Question: What military honors are provided?

Answer: Military honors are provided to all veterans. Dependents without military service are not eligible for military honors.

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Question: How do I arrange for military honors?

Answer: Military Funeral Honors are arranged by the funeral home representative on behalf of the veteran's family. The cemetery staff will advise and assist.

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Question: If my spouse or dependent child should predecease me, can they be buried in Doyle Cemetery?

Answer: Yes. However, the eligible veteran will be required to sign a statement agreeing to be buried at their time of need in the same grave site. Continued on reverse side.

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Question: What is a grave liner?

Answer: It is a concrete container that the casket is placed in within a grave site. It is provided at no cost and is used to reduce the amount of grave sinkage subsequent to the interment. It is neither sealed nor water tight.

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Question: If my first spouse is interred in Doyle Cemetery and I remarry, can my second spouse also be interred in the same grave site?

Answer: Not necessarily. The surviving spouse of an eligible veteran who had a subsequent remarriage to a non-veteran and whose death occurred on or after January 1, 2000, is eligible for burial based on his or her marriage to the eligible veteran, grave assignments will be made according to standard protocol, cemetery staff must be notified in order to set aside a gravesite when necessary.

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Question: Can I have a chapel service at Doyle Cemetery before the interment?

Answer: Yes, if requested in advance. Chapel services will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis by the cemetery staff at the time the burial arrangements are completed. Chapel services are conducted prior to the interment.

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Question: Can we use our family minister for the chapel service and at the grave site?

Answer: You may use your family minister for the committal service however, the service must be conducted within the scheduled time frame to avoid delaying the next scheduled service. If a long service is anticipated, it should be conducted in the family church or at the funeral home.

Services should not exceed 20 minutes at the chapel or committal service shelter. The cemetery staff does not make arrangements for clergy and we don't allow grave site services.

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Question: If I am cremated, what military honors are provided?

Answer: There is no difference in the military honors provided for casketed or cremated remains.

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Question: If I am cremated, can my next of kin arrange for the interment without using a funeral home?


Yes. Your next of kin or their representative may call the cemetery's Interment Office at (609) 758-7250 to schedule a service.

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Question: Is a special container required for the inurnment of cremated remains?

Answer: No. The heavy plastic container provided by most crematories is acceptable for in-ground burial.

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Question: What is needed on the day of the interment service?

Answer: Family and friends of the deceased should arrive at the cemetery in their private vehicles, or in vehicles provided by the funeral home. These vehicles must be used to travel to the chapel or to the committal shelter for the service. The cemetery does not provide transportation.

For the interment of cremated remains, the next of kin should arrive with the cremated remains, the cremation certificate and the death certificate for the decedent.

Casketed remains brought to the cemetery by the funeral home in a hearse requires a Burial Transit Permit and the death certificate.

Please provide a burial flag if military honors have been requested.

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