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Apply for your New Jersey National Guard Fishing License On-Line. Simply complete the secure application form below and click on the submit button. Your completed request is automatically forwarded to the Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs for review and processing (Please note licenses are only available to eligible New Jersey National Guard members).
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Your must indicate below if you are applying for a resident or non-resident fishing license ( a resident license can only be issued to individuals who reside and possess a valid mailing address within the state of New Jersey) . You must also indicate below whether you are requesting a Trout Stamp in addition to your fishing license.

Fishing License Request (check only boxes that apply):
Resident      Non-Resident 
 Yes, I am requesting a Trout Stamp

For more information, call the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs at  (609) 530-6866 or send an email to robert.greco@dmava.nj.gov

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