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Prospective Team Members


Who we’re looking for: Dedicated and motivated Soldiers and Airmen who desire to honor their fallen comrades.

Basic requirements: Honor Guard Soldiers and Airmen are expected to exceed the standards within the Honor Guard and their unit. Prior to interviewing for a position within the Honor Guard, Soldiers and Airmen must ensure they are in good standing with their unit. Soldiers and Airmen who have been AWOL from drill within the last 12 months need not apply. Soldiers and Airmen facing any adverse action will not be considered. “Flagged” Soldiers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Expectations: Perform Funeral Honor missions to standard. Once trained, team members will provide an availability schedule to their Honor Guard Team Leader. The Team Leader will contact them when funeral missions meet the team member’s availability. The team member can accept or decline the mission. However, once the team member accepts the mission, he or she must report unless the team leader removes them from the detail. Funerals take place year-round, in all types of weather. Team members must be willing to accept that the Funeral Honors they provide could be on a sweltering hot day in August, with a long-winded minister, or in the snow, on a wind-swept cemetery, in January. Team members must also maintain “Ceremonial Composure” during missions, even when a grief-stricken family member erupts in tears over the loss of their loved one.

How to Join: Soldiers and Airmen should refer to the Contact Us page. Teams cover two or three counties each. Generally, members are assigned to the team closest to their home. Where your unit is assigned does not affect your team assignment. Often, team members will work with adjacent teams to accomplish the mission.
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