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Life Changing Events

When you apply for Health Benefits such as using a standard form 2809 (SF-2809), certain things can occur in your life that qualify as Life Changing Events.  If and when these things occur changes to your benefits can take place by you without waiting for an Open Season, therefore they can take please immediately for your benefit.

Some Life Changing Events are as followed;

  • Marriage, Divorce or Legal Separation
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Change in residence or work location that affects benefits eligibility for you or your covered dependent(s)
  • Your child(ren) meets (or fails to meet) the plan’s eligibility rules (for example, student status changes)
  • You or one of your covered dependents gain or lose other benefits coverage due to a change in employment status (for example, beginning or ending a job).

For any further questions on these matters please feel free to contact your Human Resources Office.



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