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National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey
About the Foundation  

The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports the collections, exhibitions and educational programs of the museum through volunteerism, advocacy and fundraising. Foundation members make up the core of the museum's docent and volunteer groups and enjoy a number of special benefits.

Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Board of Trustees

COL(Ret) Len Luzky, President
Mrs Gilda F. Healy
LTC(Ret) Gary Ireland
CSM(Ret)Richard LaRocca, Vice President Army
SFC(Ret) Duncan MacQueen
COL(Ret) John Promaulayko, Treasurer
COL(Ret) Charles Ragucci
MAJ(Ret) Ray Rauanheimo, Secretary
SSG(Vet) Joseph Russo
LTC(Ret) Edward Sain, Vice President Air
LTC(Ret) Thomas Smith
BG Tom Sullivan, First Vice President
COL(Ret) Robert Watson

Ex-Officio Members

BG Michael L. Cunniff
MG(Ret.) Glenn Rieth
MG(Ret.) Vito Morgano
MG(Ret.) Richard Schneider
MG(Ret.) Paul Glazer
BG(Ret.) Robert Dutko
COL(Ret.) Edward Peterson
CMSGT(Ret.) Craig Czarnecki
SGM(Ret.) Ken Mahan
BG(Ret.) Jeffrey Pierson
BG(Ret.) William Marshall
CSM(Ret.) Frank Newman
COL(Ret) Stephen Patrick, Legal Counsel

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