Volume 30, Number 1

50th Finance Arrives in Iraq
By Maj. Angelo M. Capolupo, Commander, 50th Finance Battalion, LSA Anaconda

Maj. Capolupo writes from an undisclosed location, “We are north at LSA Anaconda. 20 soldiers arrived via air on 24 Feb. The rest of us convoyed our vehicles up on 1 March. Had a controlled explosion of an improvised explosive device by Explosive Ordnance Disposal on our way up but no other incidents. LSA Anaconda is our home base. Currently establishing our Central Funding mission here. They are not set up for it so half my job is finding suitable, secure office space near the airfield (for ease of money movement from the flight line). Modifications to build a large vault need to be made...we are talking pallets of money here.

While the planning cell and myself develop our long-term mission, we are working with the 126th finance Battalion out of (Fort) Bragg to get our folks some cross training. The 126th is conducting the standard finance soldier support mission as well as contract support to LSA Anaconda. We (the 50th) are also temporarily providing support to the soldiers based about 20 miles south of here in Taji until another finance unit comes online (approximately until mid-April). So our soldiers will be on the road about 3 days per week doing this mission.

The 253rd has been a tremendous help in transferring some of their stuff to us for use during our rotation. We will do the same for any incoming N.J. units for Operation Iraqi Freedom-3. 253rd unit members were happy to see our N.J. cashiers when they visited finance (we try to make them feel at home).”