Table of Contents
· TAG's Message
· 1-114th Returns
· Live Fire At Guantanamo
· 177th Demonstrates New System
· 108th Flies Last Joint Forge Mission
· Cadets ChalleNGe Life At Fort Dix
· B Battery, 3-112th Returns
· 50th Finance Back From Iraq
· News Guard Families Can Use
· Returning Troops Face Challenges
· Short Rounds
· Army And Air Enlisted Promotions
· Last Round: For All The New Vets
· Family Assistance Centers & Family Readiness Centers
· Guardlife Homepage


Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 1

Army and Air Enlisted Promotions


To Master Sergeant (E-8)
Roseanne T. Fisher

To Sergeant First Class (E-7)
Robert T. Bachmann
Robert A. Barea
Keith J. Butchko
Ellis L. Parker
Robin A. Taylor

To Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Frank Bradley
Calvin Brokaw
Robert W. Brooks, Jr.
Thomas J. Dinkelspiel
Kenneth J. Dreitlein
Shawn M. Golden
Genaro B. Haywood
Harrington D. Henry
John J. Keever
Thomas C. Lucas
Clifford J. Meros
Domingo Padilla
Lawrence J. Park
Clayton A. Parks
Peter Sarni, III
Deane E. Scales

To Sergeant (E-5)
Kevin P. Aure
Richard A. Barton
Joseph A. Bates
David R. Crenshaw
Thomas Czarkowski
Ryan J. Ellington
Jamie P. Enriquez
Robert R. Ford, Jr.
Anthony J. Goodell
George A. Henderson
Willie J. Assenburg
Neno K. Morris
Kevin R. Morse
Irene Naranjo
Lamar Oates
Brian K. Pinter
David R. Possumato
William A. Reid
Aaron M. Roth
Jeffrey A. Scanlon
Anthony J. Switzer
Abel Tavares
Mark R. Tolley
Angel L. Torres

To Specialist (E-4)
Joseph M. Schorno
Silas E. Whittle


To Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)
Jean C. Perry

To Senior Master Sergeant (E-8)
Joseph H. Burkel, IV

To Master Sergeant (E-7)
Kevin W. Brown
Michael J. Chaney
James G. Johnson
Timothy D. Kennedy
Cassandra D. McNeal

To Technical Sergeant (E-6)
Tulip A. Appleton
Richard G. Davis
John M. Lacomia
Bryan P. O’Neill
Bobbie H. Panger
George A. Sikaffy
John R. Yendrick

To Staff Sergeant (E-5)
Kimberly S. Bersch
Cynthia M. Cano
Ryan M. Crossley
Stephen J. Duran
Nishaun J. Evans
Denise Feliciano
Louise N. Jordan
Poneyboy Miller
Anthony R. Monico
Daniel K. Opperman, Jr.
Sean P. Romero
German E. Sandovalovalle
Brian R. Tunis

To Senior Airman (E-4)
Bryan J. Berthold
Owen T. Brennan
Lakesha J. Bryant
Brian Carney
Raven P. Christmas
Kristopher D. Civils
Anthony J. Dimatteo
Kevin R. Manning, Jr.
Natasha M. Maynes
Jose L. Oyola, III
Kaitlin E. Parker
Danny M. Reis
Brian R. Weiss

To Airman First Class (E-3)
Melissa A. Hermann