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Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 3

Signals From the 250th
Photos and story by Capt. Joseph Pipas, 250th Signal Battalion, Iraq

As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom III and the 42nd Infantry Division’s Task Force Liberty, the 250th Signal Battalion is providing the backbone of the voice and data communication network for the Division Area of Operation.

The soldiers of the 250th Signal Battalion, who usually drill one weekend per month in Westfield, Somerset and Cherry Hill, are now at places many of us cannot even pronounce. These citizen Soldiers have not only met the challenges of mobilization and deployment, but have demonstrated their professionalism, technical expertise, ingenuity and innovative approach time and time again.

As temperatures now average well above 100 degrees daily, the Soldiers of the 250th Signal Battalion have not let their guard down. These signalers continue to operate and maintain their Mobile Subscriber Equipment, while leadership at every
level ensures that every Soldier gets adequate rest, drinks plenty of fluids, eats, exercises and takes time to themselves to relax and unwind.

Time is passing very quickly and before we know it, we will be back home.

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