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Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 3

Exercise Trident Fury
By Tech. Sgt. Paul Connors, 177FW/HO; Photo courtesy Canadian Air Force

A 177th F-16 shares the tarmac with a Canadian Air Force P-3. American, Canadian and NATO forces trained for both land and sea battles. -- Click to EnlargeIn May, more than 90 members of the 177th Fighter Wing journeyed from Atlantic City, N.J., to Canadian Forces Base Comox in British Columbia, Canada to participate in an international exercise that involved fighter aircraft from the
United States and Canada and AWACS aircraft from NATO.

Designed as an air and sea defense exercise, Exercise Trident Fury was the largest of its kind to take place off the coast and in the airspace over Vancouver Island,
British Columbia.

In addition to the various aircraft, the naval exercises included five Canadian Navy warships, five Canadian Coast Guard cutters and three ships from the U.S. Navy.

The exercise was considered a success because it allowed dis-similar aircraft to fly and fight against each other as well as against naval targets. A learning experience for American and Canadian units, both nations’ military are already planning for additional exercises like Trident Fury in the future.


177th Civil Engineers Go To War
By Tech. Sgt. Paul Connors, 177FW/HO; photo by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, 177FW/PA

Click to EnlargeThe 177th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) conducted a mock “mini-war” in its annual cantonment, held during the May UTA.

With a table of scenarios designed by Disaster Preparedness, the entire CE Squadron participated in various battlefield scenarios that contained real world training for personnel deploying in future AEF rotations. Eighty-two CE members received support from the 177th Security Forces Squadron (who acted as aggressors) and the 177th Services Flight, which provided the evening meal for CE as they remained overnight in their cantonment.

The exercise planners created conditions that unit members could expect to encounter while deployed to the Middle East.