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:: If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Tikrit
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Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 3

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Tikrit
Photos and story by Sgt. 1st Class Robert Stephenson, DMAVA/PA

In the next issue of Guardlife, you will see a number of stories about the troops of the 42nd Division Support Command (DISCOM), who are making history in Iraq as you read these words.

Through an arrangement with National Guard Bureau, I was able to follow a number of New Jersey Soldiers as they went about the business of providing support to those helping to rebuild a recently liberated, but still war-torn country.

While there I enjoyed the honor of visiting the fighting men and women of New Jersey’s National Guard. By commercial jetliner, C-130 Hercules propeller plane, UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, CGalaxy cargo jet, Humvee, gun truck and by the boots on my feet I traveled to and around Iraq.

I saw the achievements and sacrifices made by soldiers in Camp Doha, Kuwait; Camp Victory Forward Operating Base Danger, FOB Speicher, and FOB Warrior.

I witness the profound contributions to the Army and our nation by members of the 250th Signal Battalion, the 42nd Military Police Detachment, the 50th Main Support Battalion, the 42nd Division Support Command, 119th Corps Support Battalion and the 1-150th Aviation Support Battalion. There was no way I could tell the full story of all the dedicated men and women of the 42nd DISCOM who are making history in Iraq.

I want to thank DISCOM for all the support that they gave me and members of the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs team. Without their help these stories would not have been possible.

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